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[Developer's Note] Misa Machina - Secret Birth History

Hello, this is Developer N.

Here, I'm going to introduce new character [Misa Machina].

[Misa Machina]

She's the first prototype made by eccentric 'Dr. Truman' who called himself Dr.Torsche's rival.
She learned the martial arts from White Dragon with Liung, Beak Ho and a princess from an east island.

Misa was originally a member of a secret agency in Coria. During completing a mission, however, she had an accident and was to be dead.

White Dragon, who cherished her, sent Misa to his familiar doctor in Vespanola. But, the doctor couldn't cure Missa.

In the end, White Dragon decided to entrust her to Dr.Truman who was studying mechanical engineering.

But Truman considered Misa as an experimental subject for his research and began to modify her body. Her body was modified to Experiment number [Machina-000], first Machina type.

Thanks to Truman's son, she could endure the pain during the renovation experiment. I think that Misa relied heavily on Truman's son.

But Truman's son died of an illness soon and Misa was shocked by his death. In the end, she became out of control and Dr.Truman decided to freeze her body...

Based on Misa experiment, Truman succeeded in making [Evil]. Evil went through a series of events and moved to the New World with pioneer families. Meanwhile, Truman's lab was shut down and Misa's permanent freezing system stopped working.

Misa, however, woke up finally. After injecting all data of Trumen's research into her brain circuitry, she left for the New World to find out Evil.

[Development Story]

??? : Why did you select Misa for the next character?
N: Misa is the character succeeding Catherine series, Ion and Evil those who are called as [Torsche chapter] line.
It started with the idea of making the [prototype] of Evil made by Dr.Truman. Above all, we wanted to shoot [Beam] from cannon.

??? : What could be main keywords?
N : #Cannon Girl, #Obsessive Lover's Syndrome, #Wishing Evil, #Coria, #White Dragon's Disciple, #Shooter

??? : Don't you think Coria is out of the blue?
N: The initial concept was the girl who is throwing a stone at a flying bird. As Corea already had contact with the Orpesia continent, we added related settings.
Someone told me Particle Beam is too far away from an original concept. But, our story also contains [Auto Baron] and [Truman] machines. Why not Particle Beam?

[Character introduction]

??? : If you tell the feature of the character.
N: Different from existing cannons, Stance [Railgun] can do [Single attack] and fire beam. It can attack 5 times for a normal attack. Its lowest attack speed is 8 and its maximum range is 15m.

Stance [Railgun] has high magic damage reduction and it has considerably good PEN/IMM. But, its ACC rate is too low. So, you need to prepare equips and buffs that can cover the disadvantage.

??? : Tell detailed Skill-set.
N: Missa's [Job Skill] is [Winding Spring]. It's similar to [Evil]'s. Like [Machina control], Missa can charge herself and level up to Max 30 Lv.
As Buff Lv. increases, Attack/Move SPD rises and Casting Time decreases.
In contrast, ACC rate is worse. So, you need to correct the low rate.

N: The 1st skill [Los Cremor] is to install mines on the ground.
If [Misa] is in the [Immobilization] state, the mine disappears. And it doesn't explode, though the enemy steps on it.
Max 5 mines can be installed and you can explode it by using the 2nd skill. Mine explosion grants Misa [Electric Charging] which increases her ATK and PEN. [Electric Charging] can rise up to Lv.15.

N: The 2nd skill [La Peurini] is similar to Cannon Shooter Claire's [Flare Shot]. It can impose more damage than [Flare Shot], but, its range is shorter. The skill can explode the mines installed by [Los Cremor]. As Casting Time is 1.2 secs, the Max range is relatively long. I think it can be very effective for attacking long-range targets.

N: Vanshee Natalie's [Deliberate Shot] is helpful in understanding the 4th skill [Machina Buster]. [Machina Buster] is a charging skill. The longer charging time, the more skill damage. If you use the skill just after inflicting [Shoot] caused by [Popularna], it'll be very powerful.

N: The 5th skill [EMP-0314] is a wide-range attack skill that inflicts damage to the enemies around you. It's a charging skill. The longer charging time, the more skill damage. This skill's biggest point is the target the skill affects. It imposes [Discharge] on everyone including [enemy], [ally] or even [self], if they're within the skill range. In the [Discharge] state, unable to use [skill] for 6 secs.

??? : Is there a special mechanism apart from Skill-set?
N: The basic cycle is following: [Mine installation] → [Mine explosion and Electric Charging by 2nd La Peurini] → [Popularna] → [Machina Buster] → [EMP-0314] to support long-range firepower. Like [Edelra] of Stance [Machina], in using [Popularna], [Machina Buster] and [EMP-0314], the level of [Winding Spring] and [Electric Charging] downs.
And the three skills [ignore enemy's DEF additionally] in proportion to [Electric Charging] Lv. So, It is not too much to say that using Missa successfully relies on [Winding Spring] and [Electric Charging].

??? : The effect of EMP-0314 looks great ...
N: Stronger power is accompanied by more risk. Because of longer casting time and the disadvantage that the skill imposes [Discharge] on everyone within the range regardless of enemy or ally, it can be poison to ally.

??? : Do you want something to say to pioneer families finally?
N: As pioneer families want fresh characters, developers has tried to develope fresh and interesting characters many families can love. And, recently, we're also considering making various contents as well as characters. 

Until now, I introduced the new character [Misa Machina] who shoots [Beam] and explodes mines.
Next time we’ll try to share more useful information of new characters.
We expect lots of love and support for Misa Machina.

Thank you.

** This is from Developer of IMCGAMES and page contents from **


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